Ductos Group


Having a group of engineers and technicians with a solid experience in our subject fields, Ductos Group provides services in the following areas:


Hydraulic Installations
  • Water Supply Equipments and Installations;
  • Water Equipments and Installations for Fire Services;
  • Water Drain Systems and Installations for Domestic Waste Waters and Rain Waters;
  • Fuel Gas Mains Installations.

General Infrastructure
  • Road infrastructure;
  • Water Supply Infrastructure, Irrigation, Fire Services;
  • Domestic Waste Waters and Rain Water Infrastructure;
  • Gas Mains Infrastructure;
  • Electrical Infrastructure and Lighting;
  • Telecommunications Infrastructure;
  • Urban Solid Waste Infrastructure.

Other specialties
  • Health and Safety Plans;
  • Urban and Municipal Solid Waste;
  • Medical Gases;
  • Hydraulic circuits in Pools and Water Games.


  • Sustainable Construction;
  • Systems Centralization;
  • Economy of the Consumption of Water;
  • Exploration Economy;
  • Use and reuse of water resources, especially rainwater and domestic waste waters for irrigation, washing and special consumption systems.

Basic Sanitation
  • Water Supply;
  • Sanitation;
  • Water treatment station;
  • Waste Water treatment Station.


In Partnership:


Structures and Foundations
  • Studies and evaluation of existing constructions;
  • Geotechnical Report Analysis;
  • Excavations and Earthworks;
  • Foundations; underground and surface floor structures.
Special Technique Installations
  • Installations and Electrical Equipment;
  • Installations and Communication Equipment;
  • Installations and HVAC Equipment (Mechanical);
  • Installations and Electromechanical Equipment;
  • Integrated Security;
  • Acoustics;
  • Tempertature Control;
  • Centralized Technical Management;
  • Luminosity Studies.